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Jena Keller
Salon 130 Career Video
Salon 130 offers you the ability to make a great living as an
independent business owner.  At Salon 130, you maximize
your income as a chair rental salon owner and enjoy
benefits found in a commission salon.  Being an
independent business owner is easier than you think!  Keep
thousands more of your hard-earned income. Those
expenses that your are afraid of, such as chair rental, hair
color, products, equipment, license fees, marketing,
business cards and even your cell phone are all business
expenses you use to reduce your yearly income taxes and
put more money in your pocket.  Enjoy the peace of mind
that you control your own work schedule, and time off with
family and friends.  At Salon 130, we work as a team to build
on the wonderful successes that the last 14 years have
brought. This means building your individual clientele will
happen quickly and naturally. As a business owner, you can
start at Salon 130 on commission basis, until you are ready
to go chair rental.  $600 weeks will quickly become $800.
Before you know it, you will consider a $1,000 week a poor
week.  At $1,000 a week plus tips, your income is just under
$60,000.   When you have built your business, are booking
your clients 8 weeks out, and you have those $1,500
weeks, ($75,000 income), you will look back and think how
quickly  and easily it was to become a successful
independent business owner.  Showcase your talents and
build a wonderful career at Salon 130.