$ 25
French Manicure
$ 5
Express Pedicure
$ 30
Spa Pedicure
$ 40
Nail Art
Nail Art starting @ $2.00 & up per nail
Full Set
$ 50
2 Week Fill
$ 30
3 Week Fill
$ 35

Nail Services
Acrylic Repair
Buff & Polish
Polish Change Only
$ 7
Soak Off
$ 20
Shellac w/Manicure
Shellac Polish Only
Skin Treatment
Paraffin Dip
$ 8
Advanced appointments are recommended.
Walk-ins Welcome
The entire manicure industry is abuzz about Shellac Manicure. This novel
manicure technique promises smudge proof nail color that lasts for weeks. For
some, this is nothing less than a manicure miracle. For all women who find it
extremely hard to take time out to visit salons frequently for manicures, Shellac
has come as a blessing, and it never fails to deliver. This does sound like the
manicure dream come true.

What is a Shellac Nail? This creative product is a hybrid, that is, it is partially
normal nail polish and partially gel. It is thin enough to be applied like normal nail
paints but it is cured in a manner that gives it great durability and flexibility. It also
gives incredible sheen, which is characteristic of gel nail paints. With Shellac nail
polish, gone are the days of chipped nail paints that look untidy and ugly.
Shellac Nails !
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Healthy looking, hands and
feet make you feel beautiful
and confident.

Our full service Spa  
Pedicures include skin
smoothing ex foliation and  
hot  towel wraps.  
Moisturizing massage on  legs
and feet,
along with cuticle smoothing,
nail trimming, shaping and
Each pedicure lasts one
hour. Our Express Pedicure
focuses on
making your feet look and
feel fabulous in half an hour.